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The 76M is a Hungarian Civil Defense gas mask from the 1970's that was produced in large amounts up untill the early 1990's. Designed for civilians and civil defense members to work in chemical and nuclear contaminated areas, this mask can be considered as a typical Cold War-era radioactive fallout gas mask.

Made from green tent style tarp with rubber and a sheep-velour face seal on the inside of the mask. The straps are made from tarp as well. The small plastic valve assembly is located at the snout. Basically, it was made from cheap materials for them to be able to produce them in big quantities with the same budget. It was issued in a small canvas bag with it's 70M filter (very similar, if not the same, filter as the GP-5).


Inside of the mask.

Also a very similar mask exists, the 67M. Which is the predecessor of the 76M. The materials are almost the same, although, the eyepieces are smaller and the metal valve assembly is painted in an army green color just like the 60M is, similar to the Soviet ShM-41M.

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(Civil Defense Poster)

Hundreds of Gas Masks from Cold War Bunker - Urban Exploration

Hundreds of Gas Masks from Cold War Bunker - Urban Exploration

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