If you're reading this page, you're likely to be asking for my help soon - i've got no problem with that but i'm writing this article to explain some of my actions or to help with me deal most effectively with your request.

Proof reading requests

When asking me to proof read an article, please LINK TO THE ARTICLE, while I can see your recent edit history etc. It does make it easier if I get a direct link to the article that you're asking about. This also really helps when there are multiple articles with the same name!

Asking for help on what to write

I can't write the article completely for you. I can help however if you're stuck or just not sure how to phrase something - if you've got sources i'd like to see them too so I know what i'm talking about (unfortunately, I don't know everything!).

Adding, removing or creating new categories

Please specify the name of the category you'd like me to modify (and where possible, link to it) - some categories overlap or have similar names (some are out of use), please be careful about exactly which category you mean.

Formatting help

I'm going to create a page in this area later on with all the standard templates and how to create them. Please note that some templates were created by community members (they deserve the credit too!) and some are being updated to include new features.

If you're not sure how to use wikia's formatting, please feel free to ask -- it can be a bit confusing the first time you're using it.

Adding new features

Some features can be added through wikia (most of these have been enabled). Certain features requiring the modification of the wikia.js and the likes I can't perform as Wikia have locked that down. If you have a specific script that you'd like to use on this site (site wide, not personal .js - you can do those), I can request that it be added by Wikia (this might take some time, so please be patient if you do ask for it)

Questions about masks/filters/etc.

I am happy to answer almost any question given to me, but if it's about a mask or filter, please direct it to the community area, there you can get help from the community at large and hopefully your answers will help someone else with a similar question.

Asking me for help (in general)

A please and thank you will go a long way. Please don't swear at me or get abusive if I don't respond quick enough (I aim to respond or act within 24 hours of your question being posted), I am only human! (Honest!) So I might not be able to get to your issue as fast as I'd like, but I will get it done as soon as I can.