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This article is about a concept, not a mask.
This article has been written about something that is not a specific model of mask, but a concept relating to CBRN warfare or the engineering behind gas masks.

If you have any information regarding disposal of materials in your country, please do let us know or edit this page!

Disposal of old equipment (Incl. Filters) Edit

Rules regarding disposal of old equipment, such as used filters may vary by state, province, council, town, etc. If you are unsure, please contact your local authority before disposing of old Equipment (Such as Used Filters or those containing asbestos)

United Kingdom (UK) Edit

Awaiting response from HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

Currently, we advise that you contact your local authority and inform them that you have a vintage Gas Mask filter that may be contaminated with Asbestos or other Dangerous chemicals. They ought to point you in the right direction.

United States of America (U.S.A.) Edit

Wastes containing chromium and other dangerous chemicals, in the US, they can be disposed of as normal wastes, unless they have been shown to be hazardous by being on a specific list of hazardous wastes from various manufacturers or have a characteristic waste property such as reactivity, ignitability, corrosivity, or toxicity.  The contaminated waste you are describing would likely fall under the characteristic of toxicity, and the test to be used is TCLP Method 1311. If the test shows higher than regulatory levels of any of the listed compounds, the solid waste is considered hazardous and must be disposed in a special landfill

You would also want to contact the local waste disposal company since they will be familiar with the local rules and regulations

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