The Soviet GP-2 civilian gas mask was developed in the mid-1920s to 1930s and were in use up until the early 1950s. The early version had glass eye lenses secured to a leather facepiece with fabric tape. The mask also had a stamped metal exhale valve on the left side and a fixed filter. The filter was made of reinforced/layered cardboard and was attached to the mask with fabric tape. The mask's headstraps were made of fabric and were barely adjustable. 

The second model was a little more sleek. Instead of the lenses being held to the mask with fabric tape, they were stitched into the mask with thread. The exhale valve concept remained the same with the exception of the appearance.

There was also a rare prototype model with a helmet-mask design. It featured newer GP-4/5/6 style lenses, a frontal exhale valve, and a fixed filter. Very few were ever produced or even issued.

The mask (in total) weighs a little over 1 pound (454 grams), despite its heavy appearance with its massive filter. GP-2s are rare to find on the surplus market today and are usually in rough condition when found. When found, they sell for $100 to $300. 

ГП-2 GP-2 Civilian Gas Mask

ГП-2 GP-2 Civilian Gas Mask

Maks Chernyshev's 2nd Model GP-2