The Soviet GP-4 is another mask in the Soviet GP series. Like all other masks in the GP series, it has a simple inlet and exhale valve system along with eye lenses encapsulated in metal to keep it on the mask. The mask itself has a green rubber facepiece with straps of a lighter tint of green. The mask has flat, glass eye lenses with a common metal band found on the GP-5 and GP-6, but was abolished with the GP-7 and future models. The metal band is very interesting. It is round with a few bands going downward and it commonly has a mesh of some sort beneath. This mesh however isn't found on the GP-4.

Production of GP-4u started in 1955 and ended in 1974. The face piece name is M49 and is issued with a "Coffee Can" type filter and is designated GP-4u, it comes in either gray or brown; the common colour for coffee can type filters. Where the inlet valve is found is an irremovable hose kept in place by a darker gray band. The exhale valve is in a metal assembly, similar to the PDF-D but with a slight tint of tan. Because of the mask's simplistic design, it does toll the wearer by fogging up very easily as it has only a very simple inlet and exhale valve. Like other Cold War Era GP series masks, it comes with a green haversack with several pockets and one button.

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  • In the video game series S.T.A.L.K.E.R a mutated creature called a Snork can be see wearing a GP4.

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