The Evolution 5000 Canister is a CBRN combination filter (DIN 40mm) made in South Korea. It uses the Rd40 x 1/7" thread (NATO Standard). It comes with the Korean military gas mask kit as the OEM filter. Capable for filtering most if not all CBRN threats, the Evolution 5000 (or K1 Canister) can be found in Southeast Asian Military surplus stores as individual filters or with the K1 mask.

Although there are no markings on this filter, it is presumably made by Samgong Industrial which is the company that manufactures the K1 respirator.  The filter and the mask are distributed in the USA by NBC Safety USA Inc.

Datasheet InformationEdit

This information can be found on the datasheet of the Evolution 5000 gas mask PDF found in

This information accurately explains the capabilities of the canister in its unedited form:

"The canister is containing a folded paper particulate and activated impregnated charcoal bed the canister absorbs toxic gases and removes particles of a size that constitute a toxicological threat.

(1) Material: Aluminium (To prevent rust)

(2) Weight 9.6 Oz

(3) DOP Smoke Penetration: Less than 0.025 %

(4) Gas Life: 30 3 min

(5) Effective Gas protection

- Organic vapors gas: 275 min

- Hydrogen Chloride: 125 min

- Hydrogen Cyanide: 100min

- Sulfur dioxide: 63 min

- Chlorine Gas: 63 min

- Ammonia Gas: 8 min

(6) Standard: EN 148 / STANAG - 4155 (Rd 40 x 1/7")

User's PerspectiveEdit

The author has used a surplus (likely used) Evolution 5000 filter for over 2 continuous hours before testing it against onion vapors.

As far as weight is concerned, the filter is a bit heavy. What it lacks in the weight department however is compensated with its long filtering duration as per the above-stated specifications. Breathing resistance is medium and the filter will resist breathing to a certain extent but not to the point of user exhaustion as it is generally tolerable for adults. To test it further, the canister was used against freshly chopped purple onions which can pass through a traditional P100 filter. The Evolution 5000 canister, despite being at least 10 years old has prevented the onion vapors from passing through and the user was not able to sense any odors using this filter unlike with the P100 filter which led to unpleasant vapors infiltrating the mask and causing pain. The P100 and Evolution 5000 canister were used in a functional MCU-2/P gas mask which has passed a user-administrated Negative Pressure Test. 

Filter NoCap

Filter Bottom View

Filter Side

Filter Side View

Filter Bottom

Filter with Bottom Cap installed


MCU-2/P Gas Mask with the Evolution 5000 filter installed.