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  • Can I trade my mask with your ?

    My mask you can see there :

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  • Hello, Evelyn 

    Do u know if there is a PDF of this handbook ive searched everywhere but no PDF.


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    • A Fandom user
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  • Hey Evelyn

    There are two designations M1 is activated carbon M2 is Filter paper

    M1 (carbon) Contains asbestos type Chrysotiel mass percentage 0,1-2% (loose fiber)

    M2 (paper) Contains no asbestos mass percentage <0,1%

    Translated by me if u need more info tell me :)


    Full report By Rontrex Need more info? Let me know

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    SubarrowEvelyn closed this thread because:
    This argument isn't going anywhere
    17:54, April 27, 2017
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    • Archie The Schlem Maska wrote:
      and yet I'm an idiot coming from a guy who can't even explain what is carbon and asbestos. well I think I'm done talking to this "Wall"

      OK mr asbestos is like sand :)

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    • This thread has got rather out of control. Please refrain from referencing your genitals on this wiki.

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  • Hey Evelyn, i recently got a PMK-3 in the mail today (took long enough) and was wondering about the drinking system, i cant get the little bayonet things to turn on the masks drinking piece at the bottom any help ?

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  • Hey Evelyn, I hope all is well. I justed wanted to ask you as you are ,as I take it, one of the mods, if I were allowed to add a couple articles on some masks that are not written about yet? I'd just want to describe the mask, its features, etc and to mainly start a article on it.



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    • I am indeed! (moderator, and well, thank you) There's no need to ask for permission to create a mask page. Just follow the guide as best you can, and make sure a page doesn't already exist!

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  • Hi there,

    I wrote EditorUK in hope he could give me some details, he said maybe you could,

    Do you know what the numbers mean on a GP-5 filter? i got a few like

    1-82-2Э - 11-83-11 or 219-1-76 or III 89 -90Э


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  • Hi Evelyn just wondering if you could help me find the modern Russian chemical suit the OZK-F ones, I'm guessing they are pretty expensive especially full kit but I would be really thankful if you could help :)

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  • SubarrowEvelyn,

    In light of the recent turn of events, I have promoted you to the status of Content Moderator, this includes additional tools to better deal with vandalism and inappropriate use of this wiki.

    Thank you for your continued contributions to this wiki.

    Thanks - EditorUK

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  • I wanted to kinda change the article, its showing a SHMP-1 mask (SHMP means Helmet Mask Industrial), its not a SHM-62 or SHM-62u, thus it wasnt included in the GP-5 kit but only on rare occasions you would see them with GP-5 kit only because they didn't have a different mask and after collapso of CCCP they didn't care about it so you can nowdays see GP-5s completed with SHMP-1 but in Soviet times you can not find a picture of SHMP-1 with GP-5 kit. So I'm saying that I can provide many and detailed pictures of GP-5 kit for the article but the black ones removed or mentioned as what I said here. SHMP-1 went in industrial kits and I'm also planning to make an article on that. I just want to discuss it before edit.

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