Mask Overview Edit

The P.C.40 was the last main civilian mask produced in Italy. It was very similar to the P.C. 35, but it was cheaper to produce: the rubber was thinner and the eye pieces where made of acetyl cellulose, much less sturdy than "unbreakble" glass used in previous masks. It is a simple mask with the inhale thread and valve on the bottom facing slightly at a downward angle of 15 degrees to the right. The thread is 40mm and accepts most filters. The exhale valve is located on the nose, like many other masks, and does not feature a voice diaphram. It has the ability to be screwed off and the actual rubber valve is similar to the Belgian M51, just styled differently. The head straps are typical, attached at 5 points to the mask, 2 at bottom sides, 2 at upper sides and 1 at the very top and use the regular buckle system to hold them in place.

Filter Edit

It's the same as other civilian filters, just yellow with the text P.C. 40. It featured a paper disc on the intake that was to be removed when the mask was to be used. The kit came with a red pseudo-filter used for training.


P.C. 40 kit

IMG 0025

Left side markings