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This article is about a concept, not a mask.
This article has been written about something that is not a specific model of mask, but a concept relating to CBRN warfare or the engineering behind gas masks.

This page will (hopefully soon) contain a list of reputable sellers and tips to buyers on how to secure the Gas Masks or their choice with minimal hassle

Advice when buying Edit

When buying your mask, ask the seller about:

  • The Condition of the Mask
  • It's age
  • The conditions it has been kept in
  • It's official designation (This is often a problem on sites like eBay)
  • The filters and their designation that will be supplied with the mask (if applicable)

When paying for goods

Where possible, use a secure payment processor (like PayPal) or look for the seller using SSL or similar security protocols to secure your details during payment (the Green bar or padlock symbol in your browser's URL bar)

  • When paying for goods over eBay, it is generally a good idea to opt for PayPal, you are given additional protection should the buyer fail to send your products or the products are not in the condition described in the sale (for example, the seller claims the Mask is new an unused but you can see signs of previous use. That would be a failure on the seller's behalf meaning that you can send the items back for a refund)

If a sale looks dodgy, don't go through with it. If you think the seller is acting strangely, do not part with your card details. Find another seller if possible.

Check for the seller's reputation, if they have no reputation or a bad reputation be wary about buying from them.

  • Do some research about the seller you are looking to buy from, the better armed with knowledge you are the less likely you're going to be ripped off by an unscrupulous seller

Sellers/Merchants Edit

This section is divided into multiple countries. Since shipping can vary depending on the location of the seller and shipping costs might be incurred when shipping overseas (this can reach ridiculous amounts)

UK (United Kingdom) Edit

Currencies: GPB (£ Sterling)

Payment Security: 128-bit SSL or PayPal

Shipping Costs:

Outside of the UK - Further Shipping details can be found here (external link)

UK delivery for orders less than 100g (e.g. a few items of insignia) £1.85

UK delivery for orders from 100g to 200g (e.g. t-shirts, buckles) £2.00

UK delivery for orders from 200g to 500g (e.g. caps, leather belts) £3.00

UK delivery for orders from 500g to 1kg (e.g. visor caps, jodhpurs) £4.00

UK delivery for orders from 1kg to 1.5kg (e.g. most jackets, wool trousers) £5.00

UK delivery for orders from 1.5kg to 2kg (e.g. wool tunics, helmets) £6.00

UK delivery for orders from 2kg to 5kg (e.g. jack boots, great coats) - next day courier £7.50 UK delivery for orders from 5kg to 10kg - next day courier £10.00

UK delivery for orders over 10kg to 30kg - next day courier £12.50 UK delivery for orders over 30kg - next day courier £15.00