The RSH-4 was a soviet gas mask. It was put in service in 1958 and remained in use until the collapse of CCCP and even sees use with Russia. The RSH-4 - РШ-4 Развернутая шихта тип 4 means Expanded Cartridge/filter type 4 (this was because of the filter’s design).

The RSH-4 kit contains following items:Edit

  • SHM-41mu/SHMS/MM-1 face pieces
  • IPP-8/IPP-51/ decontamination kits
  • Bag designated Type A (Тип-А)
  • Filter EO-16
  • Filter PAF (It is disputed if PAF is actually is a part of the kit)
  • Filter DP-1 (it wasn't always included in the kit)
  • Insulating lenses for SHM-41mu
  • Anti fog inserts(there are two diameters since kit can be completed with three different masks) 59mm diameter for SHM-41mu and MM-1/ 44mm diameter for SHMS.
  • Spare membranes  type MM-1 and Type SHMS(membranes made for these two masks are same in size but designated differently)
  • Simple Soviet hose covered by cloth.


The SHM-41mu(see article for ShM-41) is an upgrade from SHM-41m, it features thicker valve assembly and a ridge/depression around it. Its just a regular helmet mask nothing inside just like SHM-62, Here are the pictures of it:

Decontamination kitsEdit

IPP-8 is a decontamination kit(see the article for it IPP-8)



IPP-51 is a predecessor to IPP-8(no article for it yet).
IMG 4060-1-


Type A bagEdit

Type A bag is a cheeply made Soviet gas mask bag, as usual comes with a wasit strap, a side pocket for IPP-8/IPP-51. Inside of the bag you have two main compartments, for the mask, the filter compartment which features two wooden sticks on the bottom to keep a good airflow for the filter and a special string to pull so it tightens up the compartment of the filter so it doesn't jump around. It also has compartment for the hose and a small inner pocket for antifog inserts/membranes.

Filter EO-16/PAF/DP-1Edit

Filter designated EO-16 is a big dimensions filter that is obviously used with hoses, it has a 40mm port on the bottom to attach PAF filter which is for added particle protection.dimensions of the EO-16 17.5 × 10.7 cm. The filter of course features typical bumps/rings for protection against physical damage. The rubber plug like on most of other Soviet big dimension filters have small rope attached to the plug so it wont get lost. Filter DP-1 is a Carbon monoxide filter (hopcalite is present in the filter which is a mixture of copper and magnese oxides and is a catalyst to converting CO to CO2 all this when exposed to oxygen) filter has a marking which is a number like 757 (always in 700s) which tells us how many grams of hopcalite are in the filter.