PPM OEM Filter2

The PPM industrial filter. It has a long shelf life and is usable on any gas mask with a 40mm filter port.

The PPM Series OEM industrial filter is a 40mm filter canister that comes with the PPM-88 Gas Mask. It offers protection against various industrial chemicals. The filter canister is one of the newest Russian made filters available in the market that is not military, surplus or Soviet-era.

Chemical Protection Edit

(Disclaimer: the author is not Russian language capable and all the information in this article has been sourced from the filter's ebay listing description. Because of this, he cannot be held liable for any damages incurred from improper use of this filter. It is highly recommended that any individual seeking to use this filter get proper professional training before working with hazardous chemicals requiring such protection.)

The filter canister appears to protect against the following chemicals as per the seller's description on ebay:

"Gas filter A1 is designed to clean the polluted air from organic vapors with a boiling point above 65 ° C (eg , benzene, xylene , toluene, gasoline, kerosene, organic halogen compounds , nitro compounds of benzene and its homologues , ethers, alcohols , ketones , aniline, tetraethyl , phosphorus and organochlorine pesticides ) . The filter housing is made of special plastic and fused absorbing layer ( the charge ) of the sorbent. Gas filter A1 is used in a filter mask (with a full face mask)."

From this description, it can be argued that this filter protects specially against industrial organic vapors and does not specialize in chemical weapons, biological or radiological threats.

Based on markings on the filter, it has a storage life of 7 years from date of manufacture with the pictured example having been made in 2012. The sticker on the front shows the dates 2001, 2012 and 2004 (unsure what the year of manufacture is as it is in Russian).

Physical Description Edit

The filter is one of the lowest-profile Russian made filters available. Unlike older Russian filters, this particular example has a reinforced polymer case and is extremely lightweight. It has a much lower profile compared to other Russian filters. It has a tape seal on the top screw cap and another on over the rubber plug covering the intake port. The tape has some text and indicates the website "". More information can be found on the link below:

PPM OEM Filter Bottom

Unlike older Russian filters which can be hard to tell if used or spent, the PPM filters have a seal tape that requires removal prior to use.

PPM OEM Filter Top

Even the top screw cap has a seal tape.

PPM OEM Filter3

The rest of the markings are all in Russian.