Overview of Mask: Edit

 The Swedish Typ 4 Gas mask is an WW2-era mask. It was made out of rubber, with canvas fabric on the outside. In the interior had leather surrounding the entire outline (where a user of the mask's face would go) with a chin strap or chin "holder" to hold the chin in the correct position. The lenses had at least two layers, glass on the outside, some plastic film on the inside. Each lense is about 8.5mm with 6.5mm glass. The inner lense consists of the lense itself and a flexible metal suportive circular piece to hold the lense which firmly sits on the inner circumrance of the main lense. It has the ability to be removed but the lense is very fragile and can crack with being easily damageble with minor force or bending. A standard NATO 40mm filter will fit. The mask features a more uncommon exhale valve that has the ability to be screwed off with a diameter of 20mm. The straps on the back are two different strap sections. The one on the top is an upsidedown "T" intersection with 3 points of restraint on either side and one on top.The other strap has the ability to be hooked on with a loop on the lower part of the mask. Both straps sections use the familar stretchy cords with a cloth cover that were used on other masks like the Gernan GM 38.


Unfortunally there is no 100% confirmed filter that belonged with the Typ 4 but what has been sold with the mask features markings of BICAPA aswell, so it is likely that it was the orginal or similar filter. It is a sterotypical small grey filter with a 40mm thread with a wax paper covering the intake that acts as one use only. When shaken, ther is a light rattling of many small materials that are most likely assumed to be charcoal.

Trivia: Edit

Some masks have been sold with an extra green plastic type adapter for the 40mm thread but are very particular when accepting different filters.

On the top of the mask is a leather strap that sticks out that is sewn into the strap.

There are inner flaps that often cover the date stamp/markings. 

There are two different coloured masks (rubber and canvas) that have been noted, the most common light grey version and a darker grey version.

Sizing follows the order of 1=large 2=medium 3=small

IMG 0418

Two different coloured versions, left is size small, right is a medium size


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