Commonly used templates on this wikiEdit


The stub tag is used to indicate that a page requires more information

Adding {{stub}} to the top end of the article adds the stub tag (as seen below)

Warning-128 We need more information
This article is a stub.
You can help Gas Mask and Respirator Wiki by expanding it and adding more information to it.


The protected tag indicates that an article has been protected against editing

Adding {{Protected}} to the top end of the article creates the protected tag (as seen below)

Error-64 This article has been protected.
This article has been locked to prevent editing by unregistered users.


Semi-protected means that only certain groups of users are excluded from editing (E.G. Unregistered users)

Adding {{Semi-Protected}} to the top end of the article creates the semi-protected tag (as seen below)

Warning-shield-128-black Semi-Protected
This article has been semi-protected to prevent certain users from editing.

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