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C1 Gas Mask Filter
Back Of Can

Country of Origin

United States of America

Years Produced

Early 1950s-Mid 1980s


The General Tire & Rubber Co.

Mask Used


The original "C1" type filter began manufacturing in the early 50's by a company known as "THE GENERAL TIRE & RUBBER CO." in Logansport, Indiana. The filters were distributed in an air-tight container with a key attached to the bottom, they key was used to open the container from the top when the protection was needed. The filters were intended for the Navy MARK V gas mask, and to current knowledge are only compatible with the MARK V. Inside the containers were two filters. The outside of the container possesses a text that reads, "THIS CONTAINER WHICH IS SEALED AIRTIGHT, CONTAINS TWO CANISTERS FOR THE ND MARK V GAS MASK. DO NOT OPEN UNTIL REQUIRED FOR USE ON THE GAS MASK. TO REMOVE, OPEN CAN WITH KEY ATTACHED ON END OF CAN. WARNING: DO NOT USE THIS CAN AS A FOOD OR DRINKING CONTAINER (POISON.)"