14445226 1165807100149268 2017692419893248826 o

(Porton down MKIV T mic/60mm conversion?)


(Czech oxygen mask?)

8fe9fdefb6f1a653d345f0667550c800 (1)

Czech 40s optical

9a0dd3cd18af5b22575a20b939ada9a8 (1)

Black rubber CM4

14906888 1154089361350762 1202786837763061687 n

Very early possible pre production M17

14572441 1096904507096202 7912725814666477869 n

Different pre production M17

14939466 1154086971351001 8061431268691708192 o

Different pre production M17

14947709 1096926530427333 2786917894316751131 n

Nothing is known about this, but another collector made a replica, seems to use odd rubber held filter inhalation valve is thought to be along the back cheek area of the mask.

14853128 1143076469118718 4874678183129963742 o

Early soviet opticals

1074350 470975146328857 1578817871 o (1)
Crgm 520

FM1a VZ.35 mix match, possibly transition mask


Soviet prototype of some sort

Uan3 pFoakU

Soviet prototype of some sort Possibly fake

966076 551351908240100 1185941465 o

Swiss prototype mask similar to the SM-74


LAGR/LAG Prototype, predates any military variant.


LAGR/LAG Prototype, predates any military variant.


LAGR/LAG Prototype, predates any military variant.

13650517 538017723048369 258763875 n

Soviet PMG prototype

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